We work with the best: introducing the Klafs brand


The German company KLAFS has become a world leader in saunas and wellness products, since 1928 it creates spaces dedicated to the relaxation of body and spirit. And since 2010 we have signed the exclusivity agreement to work together in the Spanish Wellness & Spa market for Resort Hotels, Urban Spas and Home Spas.

From family business to world market leader

Erich Klafs founded the company in 1928 and began with the construction and Sale of medical bath systems. In 1948, the company founder began reconstruction at Schwäbisch Hall. There, war returnees told him about saunas they had seen in Finland and Russia. When he built his first sauna in 1952, it was also used for medical purposes, but demand from private clients continued to increase. Almost 100 years later, what began as a small family business, today has more than 600 employees, its most important asset; The human talent that works to achieve the highest expectations of customers, from the dream of a small personalized sauna to the most luxurious spa facilities in a hotel. KLAFS headquarters are located in Schwäbisch Hall (Germany), but the company has three subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as more than 60 international partners around the world, including PRIM Spa, to guarantee the customer unique results within the highest quality standards.

Awards and recognitions

The German brand has been consistently awarded and recognized for its innovation and market leadership. The most recent award was the German Brand Award, a coveted label awarded by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), won for the third time by the company.

What differentiates KLAFS production from others?

  • Much of the work is still done in a traditional way, such as the purchase of wood.
  • The artistic component of all productions, elegant, minimalist and adapted to any environment.
  • They offer a comprehensive process: from measurement and advice to final assembly.
  • At Klafs each order has a batch size of only one, so exactly one part is manufactured at a time.
  • Inspection, assurance and quality: Klafs has an eight-step inspection system, from the manufacturing process to visual inspection at the point of installation.

Professional Line

The professional range develops specific products for hotels, thermal baths, resorts and spas adapting to the style and space of the environment, creating unique solutions for each project.

Adaptation to any space, made to measure.

  • Exterior, soft steam or aromatized.
  • Wide range of finishes and also accessories.
  • Saunas both exterior and interior.
  • Finishes in different types of wood.

Home line

The home range focuses on people's needs, on what the end customer wants to relax and feel good without leaving home. As in the professional range, the projects are adapted to the home environment, with a high artistic component, Klafs practically creates artistic pieces that not only offer well-being but also luxury.

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