“A place to find your shelter and refuge. Like a refuge to get away from the outside world with a view on it, a safe area that resembles our time in the mother´s womb. A simple design: simple lines and cubist shapes. Privacy and absolute tranquility. No distraction and visible technology putting your relaxation off. ”

The pleasure of purity. White… the color of innocence and purity. An authentic steam bath is made of white marble and glass. Just like this. Get enchanted with matt front glass through its interaction of large spaces and thin strips showing the outside world and creating a transparency that casts a spell on you. Side walls and the rear wall are designed with quartz moisture that includes horizontal laminates enhancing graphic design of the glass front. A space within a space.

Celestial, including light element. Heaven on earth derives from the lighting concept. The lamps are built into the ceiling, spreading out beams of sunlight across the whole space. An additional indirect light beam puts light on the back wall.