The swimming pools of stainless steel are the result of the introduction in the world of the design and interiorismo of the steel, a noble and resistant material that it fits into any decorative style.

The reduction of the weight (30 %) opposite to a construction tradicioneal, allows the placement in structures that resist little peso:áticos, roofs, terraces, etc.
The stainless steel is a material that does not age and which aspect does not alter. They present an excellent resistance to the corrosion, with a minimal permanence of 30 years

Using stainless as only material steel in the accomplishment of the swimming pool makes possible the assembly of all his pieces providing a perfect watertightness to the installation.
The water consumption diminishes since there are no escapes.

All the surfaces of support are non-slipping and the rest polished, without the meetings of the tiles and the porosity of the materials used in the traditional swimming pools, avoiding the proliferation of FUNGI.
The use of ozone is recommended as uses of purification or of ultraviolet.