The sauna who adapts to all the spaces.

The SMARTSAUNA is, as for dimensions, our smaller cabin. Nevertheless, his spirit demonstrates his greatness: with a simple auto-assembly, pre-installed technology and comfortable connection of the plugs (for a size of up to 2 x 1,4 meters), it is possible to install in any place in two or three hours; and in case of change of residence, it is possible to guard and transport easily.
It is the sauna indicated for all those that they want to save without resigning an elegant design, the finished perfect one and the most top technology.

The SMARTSAUNA impresses with its high quality internal cladding, the sauna cabin being made of scandinavian spruce and infrared cabin featuring light aspen wood. Equally impressive, however, is the choice offered to you in terms of the technical fittings: classical sauna, mild infrared deep warmth or a combination of the two. There is even SOFTCLIMA, available on request, which enables you to enjoy a wide range of bathing option.

This also opens up the world of the innovative INFRA CLIMATE to you: infrared heating technology with steam support, only available from KLAFS.