A sauna is quality of life. And there are many people who do not want to deprive yourself of those moments where lower revolutions, relax and unwind.

But to have a sauna space, a space that often do not spare us needed. and that is precisely what has led to Klafs and invent innovative Klafs Sauna S1, which allows a home sauna although not much room available.

In addition, the S1 is adapted perfectly to the lifestyle of the XXI century. Therefore, no matter where you want to put in your own home, in an apartment old building in a loft or second home, because Sauna S1 fits everywhere. And thanks to its intelligent use of space, opens the door to incomparable moments of relaxation.


The new Sauna S1 is the world’s first shrinking by pressing a button, such as a camera zoom. Collection, the sauna has a depth of 60 cm, ie, as an ordinary closet. While open, with 1.60m, provides ample space to enjoy a relaxing sauna.

Sauna S1