"A place of retreat, where to shelter. As a refuge from the outside world and overlooking him, a safe area that resembles our time in the womb. A simple design: clean lines and Cubist volumes. Absolute privacy and tranquility. No distraction or visible technology distracts your relaxation." With abundant wood, with lots of glass, with a lot of intimacy. The complete interaction of the wooden strips and openings between the panels characterizes this unique sauna with remarkable forcefulness. Available in hemlock, oak or walnut: the choice is yours. The front and walls are glass-lined, thus creating a visual connection to the outside world and a harmonious interaction with incoming light. Despite this, you can not see from the outside in, it is practically impossible. How many saunas protect your privacy better than this? It's about light, they're not just ornaments. We have devoted special attention to the indirect lighting system. Light light elements have been seamlessly integrated into the sides where the seating levels are located. A remote light source stands out behind the ceiling-mounted molding. Thus you see nothing but a light that warmly embraces the whole space, allowing a deep sense of relaxation to penetrate into your being. Creating spaces where technology is invisible to the human eye is Matteo Thun's main challenge. Thus the heater is also discreetly placed under the seats.