The patented SANARIUM with SaunaPur from KALFS transforms one sauna into five. A classical sauna, a warm air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a SOFT STEAM BATH.

All you need to do is choose the form of bathing which suits your present mood and the SANARIUM with SaunaPur will automatically adjust the humidity and temperature to your requirements. This additional equipment for your sauna has been exclusively developed by Klafs and provides an even greater degree of variety for your feel good programme.

A scent cup enables stimulating perfume to be addded to the cabin, combining the healing effect of pleasant smells with feel good sauna heat. If you are in the mood, the loudspeaker integrated into the humdity sensor will treat you to relaxing natural sounds or peaceful acoustic music. In addition to this, the saunaPur function provides a further authentic experience, previously almost exclusively the domain of the Finns.

The heater is pre-heated to 80 to 85ºC and then switched off. This produces gentle radiant heat and enables  intensive raposing to take place.The five forms of bathroom that you can choose with the push of a button are also very healthy.

The positive effects that the soft warmth of this unique equipment has on the immune system are demonstrated, and its beneficial properties in cases of hypertension or circulatory problems.