Our PURE sauna very much lives to its name.

The puristic design of the cabin exudes simple elegance and presents a total sense of well being by its very look. The outer cladding in white high gloss varnish integrates stylishly proportioned fully glazed door ensures both relaxed thoughts and a wide visual perspective during sauna bathing.

The interior of th Pure is a match for its exterior in every regard whrn it comes to elegance. The wall cladding in high quality hemlock wood is given a particulary noble touch by the use of fine and preciesely worked horizontally fittd rods snd indirect lighting.

Such a sense of aesthetics has enthused keen sauna goers and the jury of the iF product design awards alike. If you wish to enjoy a little beauty treatment to accompany the exelence of the design of your sauna experience, we will be happy to integrated our COLOURED LIGHT feature on request. This includes the skin firming function od LIFTLIGHT.

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