Even from the outside, the glass door and large window provide a forestste of the pleasures in store for you inside, Translucent shelf doors in orange or green also serve to underline the open impression made by this sauna creation.
The combination of this and its stylistic elements has given it a presence in various design books. Your creative contribution to the process is to choose between aspen wood, hemlock or zebrano veneer for the external cladding and to make your selection from the various glass and mirror panels.
The “open” design of the PROTEO makes a whole range of delightful interior details visible from the outside. The heater corner in natural sotne features the large MAJUS. The extra wide benches extending as far as the back rests. The OLYMP lamp, and, as if all this were not enough, the model can be upgraded with further extras and design elements. Whether you opt for BELLAVEDA, the SANARIUM with SaunaPur or the STARRY SKY, we can offer the ideal choice for relaxation, health and your aesthetic perception.