A sauna to the highest standards has involved placing a particular emphasis on the highest possible quality of interior desing.

Whether used in the gererous panelling seen here or in the classic SOFTLINE profile, the wood from this Canadian hemlock fir creates a elegant look no other wood can match, as well as providing a salubrious bathing climate. Your input is requested for the external design of the lounge sauna.
Choose from a range of doors and windows and design the room high external cladding in the line with your own taste too. Shelves, storage racks and towel hooks provide you with further opportunities to make an individual mark.
As far as the interior is concerned, we have taken these decisions for you: clear form, simple elegance, perfect workmanship are the order of the day herre. A Zen inspired interior, providing emotional relaxation. The harmonious coordination of all the elements invilved generates a roundly balanced mood which enjoys the comfortable support of high quality technology.