A cabin designed to meet the highest quality standards when it comes to relaxation. The Klafs EMPIRE Sauna impressively demonstrates the advantages of the solid wood method of construction.
If manufactured using one tupe of wood only and provides a hint of Finnish originality which will enchant you at first sight. The EMPIRES clear aesthetics and generous dimensions promise a unique bathing experience. This is a sauna which is bound to become the very epicentre of you feel good programme in no time at all. The EMPIRE is available in every conceivable size and floor plan, can be installed by our experts in practically every room.

The selected woods from the Karelian spruce or the Canadian hemlock fir are extremely resistant to climate changes and guarantee that you will enjoy decades of lisure from your EMPIRE Sauna.

Canadian hemlock is a smooth and knotless wood which strikes a particularly noble appearance and makes every sauna a mini work of art from the natural world. The cosy light generated by the LUMA sauna lamp exude an authentic sauna feeling. The elegantly designed SOFTCLIMA heater PLURIS has a 30 kg. olivine stone capacity and produces mild radiant heat.

For an original Finnish sauna bathing experience, whenever you like. With PLURIS sauna heater or MAJUS heater, the intelligent control 18029 unit (both VDE tested) and the CIRCOTHERM exhaust air system. Extra elements, such as the SANARIUM with SaunaPur or SANO2 for optimum oxygen supply, will also help make your sauna bath a more intensive experience.