KLAFS acquire Klafs – the premium wellness provider in Spain and the Caribbean

KLAFS headquartered in Schwäbisch Hall and worldwide market leader for saunas, has agreed to the acquisition of the Spa division of Prim S.A., Madrid, on 28 February 2023.

A listed company, Prim S.A. was founded in 1870 and supplies medical and orthopedic products, as well as provides wellness products for residential and commercial customers by its Spa division. This division, Klafs, has been a sales partner of KLAFS in Spain for many years. It employs 40 people, generating an expected turnover for 2023 of 7 million euros.

"Klafs enjoys a strong position in Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean and its high standards make it an excellent fit for the KLAFS Group," says Phillip Rock, CEO of KLAFS, "We have already been working together for many years in a successful trust-based relationship and see excellent opportunities for further growth with Klafs in all countries, particularly in the hotel sector but also in the premium private customer segment."

"We are growing rapidly at the moment, and the sale of our Spa division to KLAFS will enable us to concentrate on our core activities and further strengthen their positive development," adds Fernando Juan Oliveros Arreaga, CEO of Prim S.A., "Prim's wellness and spa business enjoys a market leading position and good profitability, but it requires different structures in the medium term than other business areas of the company, and we firmly believe that, for Klafs, joining the KLAFS Group will open up even greater opportunities for growth."

About KLAFS:

The mission of KLAFS is to allow people to experience captivating moments of relaxation of the highest quality and to boost their health in the process. KLAFS wellness and spa facilities can be found in private households as well as in hotels, fitness studios, leisure complexes and cruise ships.

KLAFS has been creating these spaces of relaxation for the body and soul since 1928. The Schwäbisch Hall-based company inspires the market time and again with pioneering innovations – such as the space-saving sauna KLAFS S1 , which converts from the size of a wall cabinet into a fully functioning sauna in just 20 seconds at the touch of a button. This innovative strength has helped KLAFS GmbH to evolve from an once small family-owned business into a global industry leader. Today, the company employs over 740 people, who work together to meet and exceed the ever-growing expectations of its customers – from dreams of a small, private sauna right through to luxury spas. KLAFS operates all over the world, with advice on hand from carefully trained specialist advisers and on-site support provided by experienced service teams.

About Klafs:

The company has established an excellent reputation in recent years as a spa specialist and is the industry leader in its home country. It has installed numerous luxury spas in hotels, resorts and private homes in Spain, Mexico and other countries in southern regions. Recent outstanding examples include the spas in the Mandarin Oriental Ritz in Madrid, the Victoria Bio Spa at the GF Hotel in Tenerife and the Secrets Moxché Luxury Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Klafs offers a comprehensive service, from consultancy and planning, delivery and installation through to extensive ongoing support such as maintenance and servicing.

Press Relase Klafs

Hotel Kimpton Aysla

The Hotel Kimpton Aysla in Mallorca has a complete spa equipped by PRIM Spa

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  • The IHG Hotels & Resorts chain has opened its first resort in Mallorca, a true oasis in the heart of the island.
  • PRIM has equipped the spectacular spa and two swimming pools with a complete hydraulic system.

The Kimpton chain -of IHG Hotels & Resorts- has opened its first resort in Europe, this time in Mallorca, in the town of Santa Ponsa (in Calvià). An authentic oasis of relaxation and well-being, designed by the architecture studio GRAS Reynés ArquitectosThe hotel, which is open all year round, has everything you need for a full rest in and out of season; a complete spa, equipped by PRIM Spa, a treatment room, indoor and outdoor pool, gym, conference room, a great gastronomic offer and of course fantastic rooms. The hotel’s spa, Maison CODAGE Spa, is a true centre of relaxation and well-being in the heart of the island. It consists of 900m2 distributed over two floors, has an elegant and modern design that combines natural materials such as stone and wood with touches of contemporary style, with all with the luxury and quality that PRIM Spa represents. The spa has 7 treatment rooms where you can find everything from wellness and self-care treatments, to relaxing massages, beauty rituals or pedicure and manicure salon. 

PRIM SPA has equipped the Maison CODAGE Spa of the Hotel Kimpton Aysla in Mallorca

From PRIM SPA, we have equipped the entire wellness area of the Hotel Kimpton Aysla with:

  • A Sauna Profi of the brand Klafs
  • A steam bath from the Klafs brand
  • Mud Bath
  • Sensation-themed showers
  • A fountain of ice
  • A salt cabin with heated relaxation loungers

We also installed the Vitality Pool with an EPS ( expanded polystyrene) cup and a complete hydraulic system that includes games, waterfall, gooseneck and jacuzzi stands. The installation of the EPS vessel has great advantages over other solutions, since expanded polystyrene is an excellent thermal insulator that benefits energy efficiency, has great acoustic insulation which reduces the transmission of vibrations, is lighter than other solutions, so it is ideal for indoor pools or attics. It also significantly reduces execution times on site and specialized labor needs.  We have also done all the hydraulics of the swimming pool of the hotel. 

En resumen, el renovado spa del Hotel Kimpton Aysla en Mallorca es un verdadero refugio de paz y bienestar que ofrece una experiencia única de relajación y rejuvenecimiento en la isla, y que además, cuenta con el sello PRIM Spa, un sinónimo de lujo y calidad.


Marca gharieni

We work with the best: we present the Gharini brand, German quality

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  • The Gharini Group, headquartered in Germany, is a leading European manufacturer of high-end medical and spa equipment and furniture with more than 25 years of experience.
  • At PRIM Spa we are official suppliers of Gharieni in Spain.
  • In this post we are going to tell you why the Gharieni brand is a guarantee of quality in the industry.

Gharieni Group is a German company founded in 1997, manufacturer of luxury stretchers, spa equipment and medical equipment. This company has become a world leader in the beauty and health industry. The company offers a wide variety of products, including massage beds, spa stretchers, medical treatment beds, sauna equipment and Turkish bath. All products are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and innovative technology. In addition, Gharieni offers excellent customer service, including technical assistance and support for the maintenance and repair of its products.

Why choose Gharieni for the medical or wellness sector?

Gharieni stretchers use the highest standards, each product is designed with the utmost attention to quality and detail; first-class material, excellent quality, modern design and exclusive innovations, all coupled with the flexibility to meet the individual wishes of customers, thinking first of the experience. There are several reasons to buy stretchers of the Gharini brand. Here are some of them:

  • Quality: specializes in manufacturing stretchers of high quality and durability. They use premium materials and innovative technologies to ensure their products are tough and durable.
  • Design: Gharieni offers a wide variety of designs and styles of stretchers, to adapt to the needs and preferences of each client.
  • Functionality: offers stretchers with advanced features and functions to improve comfort and efficiency in use.
  • Customer Service: Offers excellent customer service, including technical support and assistance for the maintenance and repair of your products.
  • Reputation: It is a recognized and respected brand in the market of stretchers and medical and aesthetic equipment.
  • Warranty: Gharieni offers warranties on its products, which is an additional security for buyers.
  • Recognition: For the fourth consecutive year, the Gharieni Group is the Official Spa & Wellness Technologies and Equipment Brand 2022 for the Forbes Travel Guide, the global authority on luxury travel.

The Gharieni brand offers stretchers, tables and armchairs in three categories:

Spa, Beauty & Wellness

In this category of products the brand offers comfortable furniture already known in the most luxurious beauty salons and spa. This category includes spa tables, treatment beds, specialty treatment tables, a hydrospa-focused collection, massage tables, loungers, treatment units and vaporizers, spa furniture, and hairdressing furniture. 

Pedicure and podiatry

Gharieni treatment chairs for the pedicure and podiatry areas are distinguished by their perfect finish and optimal functionality for maximum customer comfort and ergonomic work. Gharieni's pedicure chairs are the ideal equipment for a studio or practice. Camilla Gharieni Spain

Medical products

A product category focused on medicine that offers various models of treatment chairs and stretchers. According to Medical Device Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, medical stretchers are classified in class 1. They comply with the European standard for electrical medical devices EN 60601-1.

The brand offers a wide variety of colors, materials and accessories such as headrest accessories, Smart-Remote and upholstery options that favor the ergonomic system, the ideal temperature or facilitate vibratory massages, among other accessoriesAre you interested in acquiring a Gharieni brand equipment in Spain? At PRIM Spa we are official suppliers. Call us now and ask us for the product catalog. [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]


We work with the best: introducing the Klafs brand

The German company KLAFS has become a world leader in saunas and wellness products, since 1928 it creates spaces dedicated to the relaxation of body and spirit. And since 2010 we have signed the exclusivity agreement to work together in the Spanish Wellness & Spa market for Resort Hotels, Urban Spas and Home Spas.

From family business to world market leader

Erich Klafs founded the company in 1928 and began with the construction and Sale of medical bath systems. In 1948, the company founder began reconstruction at Schwäbisch Hall. There, war returnees told him about saunas they had seen in Finland and Russia. When he built his first sauna in 1952, it was also used for medical purposes, but demand from private clients continued to increase. Almost 100 years later, what began as a small family business, today has more than 600 employees, its most important asset; The human talent that works to achieve the highest expectations of customers, from the dream of a small personalized sauna to the most luxurious spa facilities in a hotel. KLAFS headquarters are located in Schwäbisch Hall (Germany), but the company has three subsidiaries in Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as more than 60 international partners around the world, including PRIM Spa, to guarantee the customer unique results within the highest quality standards.

Awards and recognitions

The German brand has been consistently awarded and recognized for its innovation and market leadership. The most recent award was the German Brand Award, a coveted label awarded by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), won for the third time by the company.

What differentiates KLAFS production from others?

  • Much of the work is still done in a traditional way, such as the purchase of wood.
  • The artistic component of all productions, elegant, minimalist and adapted to any environment.
  • They offer a comprehensive process: from measurement and advice to final assembly.
  • At Klafs each order has a batch size of only one, so exactly one part is manufactured at a time.
  • Inspection, assurance and quality: Klafs has an eight-step inspection system, from the manufacturing process to visual inspection at the point of installation.

Professional Line

The professional range develops specific products for hotels, thermal baths, resorts and spas adapting to the style and space of the environment, creating unique solutions for each project.

Adaptation to any space, made to measure.

  • Exterior, soft steam or aromatized.
  • Wide range of finishes and also accessories.
  • Saunas both exterior and interior.
  • Finishes in different types of wood.

Home line

The home range focuses on people's needs, on what the end customer wants to relax and feel good without leaving home. As in the professional range, the projects are adapted to the home environment, with a high artistic component, Klafs practically creates artistic pieces that not only offer well-being but also luxury.

Ask us for the complete catalog of the Klafs brand.

Differences between the steam bath (Turkish bath) and the sauna Which is the best option?

The steam bath and sauna are two types of heat treatment that take place in enclosed spaces where high temperatures can be reached for the benefit of health. The main differences between the two lie in the percentage of humidity, temperature and materials of their manufacture.

What is the steam bath? Manufacturing features and materials

The steam bath, also known as Turkish bath or hammam, is a wellness treatment that is performed in an enclosed cabin. It has its origin in Turkey although its use is also recognized to ancient Rome. Unlike the dry sauna, the steam bath usually has a high humidity, between 80% and 90%. The temperature is between 40ºC and 70ºC.

The manufacturing material is versatile and can be adapted to space and needs.

  • Marble
  • Crystal
  • Ceramic stoneware
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Stone

In the Turkish bath, a coating is usually used in noble materials that adapt to the environment and guarantee high quality, stable construction and reduction of energy expenditure, in addition to being hygienic and easy to clean.

Heat generation in the Turkish bath

Unlike the traditional sauna, the Turkish bath generates heat from the water evaporation. It has devices that bring water to a boil and convert it into steam released through the air. The steam bath is airtight so its system helps the accumulation of moisture.

Meet our Professional Steam Bath Range,Home  Range of Steam Baths and Steam Showers

What are the main benefits of the steam bath?

  • The steam bath helps to improve the immune system as it activates the defense mechanisms of the immune system.
  • This type of bath releases toxins achieving better health and smoother skin.
  • Decongests the airways.
  • Relaxes the nervous system.

What is a sauna? Manufacturing features and materials

It is a heat treatment carried out in an enclosed area at a very high temperature and with a low percentage of humidity, different from the Turkish bath.

The dry sauna has its origin in the Scandinavian countries, especially in Finland, so it is also known as a Finnish sauna.It usually reaches temperatures between 90ºC and 80ºC and has a low humidity, around 20%.

Main manufacturing materials of the sauna

The sauna is manufactured or covered in pine, spruce, hemlock, abachi, ayous, walnut, cedar, poplar wood, among others.

Heat generation in the sauna

Another variable with respect to the Turkish bath is the way in which heat is generated. The traditional sauna uses stoves with volcanic rocks or firewood. There are also other types of saunas that are heated with infrared electricity to generate and spread heat throughout the space.

Discover our Home Sauna Range

What are the main benefits of the sauna?

  • Thanks to the fact that it causes sweating, the sauna allows the elimination of toxins.
  • Relaxes the muscles.
  • Reduces muscle, bone and arthritis pain.
  • Produces sSense of relaxation and tranquility.

Installation and manufacturing

From Klafs we take care of the installation and supply of all the elements of the Turkish bath or sauna. We are official suppliers of the renowned German brand, Klafs leader in sauna manufacturing. We also take care of the subsequent maintenance of the same with maintenance contracts tailored to the client.

If you want to include a steam bath or Finnish sauna to your spa or spa, ask us for a quote without obligation.

The new Secrets Moxché Luxury Resort opens its doors in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, equipped by Klafs

  • The renowned luxury hotel chain AMR Collection has just opened the Secrets Moxché Resort in the Riviera Maya
  • From Klafs we have made all the hydraulic equipment: pools, pools, jacuzzis, saunas, ice fountains, among others.
  • On April 19, 2022, the official opening of the Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen was held.

AMR Collection, one of the largest luxury hotel chains in the Caribbean, opened the doors, last April, of its new resort, Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen, where we had the pleasure of collaborating with the architecture and design studio URBANA.

The complex is located next to the beach in the heart of rivera Maya and has 485 suites; 11 restaurants, a snack bar, seven swimming pools, three artificial cenotes and an indoor pool inspired by the beach and designed for intimate gatherings.

In addition, the luxurious resort has The Spa by Pevonia, with a minimalist design, integrated into the natural landscape of this area of Yucatan. The Spa offers its guests a wide range of facial and body treatments in its 16 multifunctional rooms.

From Klafs we equip the Secrets Moxché with:

  • Hydraulic equipment and games for:
  • Recreational pool:

With swan necks, waterfalls, geyser, cervical massages, plantar massages and tubular beds

  • Jacuzzi with massage jets
  • Hydraulic equipment for:
    • Cold water pool
    • Hot water pools in treatment suites.
    • Water sheets
  • Saunas
  • Steam Baths
  • Hammam
  • Temazcal
  • Showers
  • Ice sources
  • Heated sun loungers

Without a doubt, we have been able to be part of one of the most luxurious projects in Mexico today, where we already have more than 36 facilities and an active physical office.


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After the spectacular renovation that the Mandarin Oriental Ritz has carried out to its 110 years of history, you can finally enjoy the fantastic facilities that Prim SPA has built.

Thanks to the direction of the Spanish architect Rafael de La-Hoz, together with the Parisian designers Gilles & Boissier, we have been able to realize a set of distinguished and refined spaces, destined to offer a unique and renewing experience for the soul and the body.

Hotel guests who decide to relax in one of the most luxurious corners of the capital, will be able to give up completely in these glamorous rooms, which we have equipped with two heated pools, with waterfall and gooseneck, showers with different temperatures and steam baths.

We built the glass of the main pool of the spa, and the vitality pool, made of concrete and heated, with an extension of 14 meters where you can enjoy three showers of sensations: a wall waterfall and a swan neck for cervical, shoulder and back massages.

We have also installed a steam bath with starry sky, indirect lights and sound, as well as two showers; one tropical and one cold rain to achieve a temperature contrast.

And for the more fortunate, two steam baths have been accommodated in the two hotel suites.

The Beauty Concept at The Ritz has become a haven of peace that offers a luxurious therapeutic experience.

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